Cooling Fin

This is the Fin for Radiation of Heat. It can be fixed with various parts where generate heat such as mission case, differential case, inter cooler piping, and etc.
This Fin is designed based on our long experience in radiation of heat.
The double side adhesive tape for application is provided in the kit, and it has an excellent conductivity of heat. Therefore, once the Fin is applied at a desired part by the Tape provided, the Fin will perform radiation of heat effectively.
The structure of Fin is designed flexible, and it enables to fit on curved surface.
Also it can be easily cut by a knife or cutter in any size.

* The performance may vary depending on the condition of use.

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Cool Fin (W95mm×H10mm×L100mm/1 piece)
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CF310 Cool Fin (W95mm×H10mm×L100mm/1 piece) All Makes - All Model
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