crank pulleys


Crank Pulley

A true weight savings that can be felt with every blip of the gas pedal. One of our best selling parts, the PERRIN Lightweight Crank Pulley is installed on thousands of Subaru engines around the world.
from $179.95 (inc. GST)


Crank Pulleys

Works Engineering Crank pulleys are made from CNC billet aluminium, by decreasing weight of crank pulley gives u gains in overall performance.
price $299.95 (inc. GST)


Crankshaft Damper

A harmonic balancer (crankshaft damper) reduces destructive crankshaft torsional vibration, which is the end-to-end twisting/rebound motion, that is naturally generated during each power stroke.
price $599.00 (inc. GST)

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