blow off valves


Blow Off Valve

HKS SQV is a blow off valve with pull-type relief design ensures stable operation regardless of boost pressure.
price $380.00 (inc. GST)


Blow Off Valve

The Trust Greddy Type RS Blow Off Valve is designed to be the most reliable available allowing high performance and a unique discharge sound.
price $299.00 (inc. GST)


Blow Off Valve

The Sard R2D2 twin drive blow off valve uses a large opening nozzle for more efficient discharge.
from $249.00 (inc. GST)


OEM Mitsubishi 8 MR Blow Off Valve

OEM Mitsubishi Genuine Evo 8 MR blow off valve is a excellent choice of replacement to stock plastic blow off valve.
price $199.00 (inc. GST)

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